“~ Freshness of your time ~”

I know not only the front,
All 360 degrees have your time freshness.
In the myself there is time for production, including purpose and goal,
Things that you can not pursue even though you actually understand it.

We pursue and explore new freshness through all projects.

” Fashion styling with personalized”

At first Clothes or statistics,purpose or goal .
Last at is “pursuit exploration”.

Fashion styling basic knowledge
Cost benefit on item consumption
Image strategy for purpose / goal

Your style has a back appearance in the back.
I will face you at at 360 degrees.

“Senusous ≈ 3 s”

Sensuous means appealing to the five senses.
There is fashion & style only for you who was conscious of the five senses.

Personal styling is not to offer the same services (trends, trends, colors, etc.) to the public,
For personal style and life, which is also the original meaning of personal,
We should consider whether we can provide services consisting of individuals. We believe.

“S” Prious Relationship = pseudo correlation | Discover and explore invisible causal relationships, and resonate
“S” Ynergy = Synergy effect | Increase the result of interaction in more than two people, goods and events
“S” Equence = composition | One scene is joined, and a constantly changing landscape / future is seen